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Interim Management

Sometimes you just need a little extra help.  Often you don’t want someone full time or even part time – you just need to take the pressure off here and there.  But it is hard to find like minded people who can operate with that level of flexibility.

This is where our interim services come in. We can give you expertise just when you need it.

Or perhaps you are a US firm looking to expand in Europe and don’t have the infrastructure yet to hire people and offices?  We can support you locally with your outreach until you are ready to make permanent appointments.

We also cater for smaller companies who may be expanding or dealing with a new, perhaps complex, product or service looking to go to market smoothly and quickly. Either way, our interim marketing management placements have been known to last weeks, months or several years – supplying the flexibility and skills you need when and where you need it most.

We have specific experience of:

  • acting as the European marketing team for an outsourcing advisory firm looking to expand in Europe.
  • operating as the cross-line of business marketing resource in Europe for a major business services firm
  • acting as UK sales lead for US domiciled firm

We can help you to fill those crucial resources gaps during busy periods, major launches or business expansion.