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Business Development

Business development is just selling isn’t it? Well, yes. And no. The outcome from effective business development is to sell more and to win more clients but the strategy for getting there sets the criteria and boundaries around which you are planning your market assault.

Business development does indeed include direct selling to prospective clients. However, often overlooked, it also should include relationship building across the ‘eco system’ in which you are operating, whether that be through formal partnerships, formal relationships with the adviser/analyst community  or informal relationships with consultants and other influencers. An incoming lead  from this community can carry significant weight and makes the effort well worthwhile.

We have significant experience of building and executing business development campaigns that focus on the end objective of winning new business but that intercept with your existing investment in sales.

We have the following specific business development experience:

  • Running business development campaign to identify new prospects for a specific service
  • Winning first clients for fledgling technology solution provider
  • Managing major accounts for technology solution provider
  • Managing European pipeline/sales process for advisory practice