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Brand Development

Ongoing brand development and evolution is core to the success of a high profile or aspirational brand.  Brand development, or re-branding often fails because it is out of line with the market need, organisational culture or does not run deeply enough into an organisation’s psyche.

We understand brands. We work with many leading international brand names and can help you to make sure that when it comes to launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one that it amplifies your other sales & marketing initiatives.

We have specific experience of:

  • transitioning acquired businesses to the acquiring brand, while capturing all that is good in both and ensuring buy in amongst sceptical staff.
  • taking merged organisations and developing a new brand identity that fits well in the marketplace and moves positively on from the source identities.
  • conducting brand reviews to see how you are percieved in the market and what changes in positioning might be required to improve competitive position.
  • preparing a new brand for the launch of new security product on behalf  of a top 10 ISP
  • naming a new service line and proposition that enables corporate executives to identify growth opportunities in their customer base. 
  • building  a new brand identify for the merger of two advisory services firms. 

 Whether you are going through a merger, acquisition or brand refresh we can help.